Our Team

Prof. Paul Taylor

Group Director. Professor of Health Informatics, UCL

Prof. Taylor’s first degree was in Psychology, after which he studied Artificial Intelligence at Imperial College. He worked on decision support systems to help in the management of chemotherapy protocols first at the Institut Bergonie in France and then at what was then called the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, where he completed a PhD in the use of decision support for the interpretation of mammograms. 

In 1997 Prof Taylor moved to UCL as a lecturer in Health Informatics at the Centre for Health Informatics and Multidisciplinary Education (CHIME) where he developed and led a new postgraduate programme in health informatics. In 2004 he wrote a textbook called ‘From Patient Data to Medical Knowledge’. In 2014 UCL created a new institute, the Institute of Health Informatics merging CHIME with two other research groups to create a larger entity with a focus on the use of patient data in research. In 2018 he was promoted to professor.

His research focuses on software to improve clinical decision making. Most of the applications he has looked at in recent years concern medical imaging, including the use of AI in mammography, in retinal imaging and chest radiographs. He is also active in the use of large datasets, including image databases, to improve our understanding of disease and the effectiveness of treatment.