Our Team

Dr. Roy Schwartz

Retina Specialist and Data Scientist, Moorfields Eye Hospital

Dr Roy Schwartz is a medical retina specialist and data scientist at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London. He has a rich background in computer science, including coding and employment at tech companies in Israel before starting his residency. Dr Schwartz studied medicine at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and was trained in ophthalmology at the Tel Aviv Medical Centre. He later finished a fellowship in medical retina at Moorfields Eye Hospital and is now a retina specialist there. 

Dr Schwartz is currently undertaking the AI-Enabled Healthcare centre for doctoral training programme at UCL. As part of this programme, he finished his master’s degree in AI-enabled healthcare with distinction and is currently undertaking a PhD in the same topic. 

In 2019, Dr Schwartz was awarded the inaugural EURETINA Retinal Medicine Clinical Research Funding Grant of €262,112 for the project “Deep learning, large datasets, genome-wide analysis and histological correlates to determine the role of reticular pseudodrusen in the progression of age-related macular degeneration”, for which he serves as chief investigator. He was previously co-principal investigator for the NIHR funded EDNA study. 

His main research interests are data science with an emphasis on big data and AI, imaging and clinical trials.